Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Hiatus!

Hello brilliant ladies! Just a quick hello to let you all know we have not forgotten you, but are taking a short break for the Holidays. Beginning in January, we will have our first book give away!!! The first book will be Style Statement by Carrie and Danielle. Carly will be doing a book report at the first of the month so that you all know just how fabulous it is. Please stay posted for our very first give away, as well as more fantastic business and parenting ideas to come!!! We'll be back shortly-

Here's to a rockin Christmas and a prosperous New Year!!!!!

Edited To Add: If you would like to take part in our first free book give-a-way, please sign up as a follower. We will be drawing our winner from that group. Good luck!

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Mother Letter said...

Thank you for your contribution to the MLP. I am compiling the final distribution list. Would you mind sending me your email address?

Thanks again,